New presentation : Direct Observation for the Development of Equitable Teaching Strategies (Bocquillon et al., 2024)

On Thursday, April 11, 2024, Marie Bocquillon and Laëtitia Delbart will present a paper entitled “Direct Observation for the Development of Equitable Teaching Strategies” at the “Observing Diverse Teaching Practices (Table 6)” roundtable organized by the “Classroom Observation” special interest group of the American Educational Research Association.

Le jeudi 11 avril 2024, Marie Bocquillon et Laëtitia Delbart présenteront une communication intitulée “Direct Observation for the Development of Equitable Teaching Strategies” lors de la table ronde “Observing Diverse Teaching Practices (Table 6)” organisée par le groupe d’intérêt “Classroom Observation” de l’American Educational Research Association.


The implementation of teaching strategies that promote the success of the greatest number of students represents a societal challenge. This research aims to improve a practical teacher training program by creating a tool to observe the teaching strategies of future teachers that can be used live during micro-teaching sessions and in school classrooms. It also generates scientific knowledge about the actual teaching strategies of future teachers. The method describes how the scientific literature on effective teaching was operationalized into an observation tool. The results indicate that the most equitable teaching strategies (specific checking for understanding and explicit random designation) are poorly mobilized by future teachers. The results offer educational possibilities for improving teacher training to help more students learn.

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